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Our Freelance Team

  • Maureen Murphy


    Maureen is the creative spark behind 1010 audio. Her vision, innovation, and determination have taken 1010 audio from a small startup to a cutting edge foley studio. Prior to opening 1010 audio, Maureen had performed foley in the top studios in Vancouver since the 1990s. Her vast knowledge of the craft and her creativity make her a highly respected artist and an insightful teacher. Maureen has been an instructor at the Vancouver Film School and also has performed live foley for 5 Cents a Dance.

  • Dave Hibbert


    Dave has worked in the audio post production field for over 15 years. From editing to mixing to recording, Dave has done it all, and done it well. Prior to joining 1010 audio, Dave spent years as a re-recording mixer in Vancouver, earning him multiple award nominations. He has crafted himself into a recording specialist, whether it be ADR, Walla or Foley, and his knowledge of mixing is a great asset. Clients and talent find Dave a pleasure to work with due to his easygoing nature, technical proficiency and creative insight.


Company Profile

1010 audio is a dedicated foley facility with the ability to offer more. Our philosophy is based on a dedication to performance, efficiency and adaptability - keys to great client service and technical excellence.

We chose to locate in Victoria because of the world-class technical community, proximity to Vancouver, Seattle & LA and lower overheads, which allows us us to provide cost-competitive services in a competitive market. We have designed our studio to be flexible.


- DBC Cound Inc.
- Neumann Microphones
- Azotea Post
- Crown
- Universal Audio
- LaChapell Audio

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