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Technical Specifications

Audio Post

1010 audio currently records with Pro Tools 10, please specify if you need delivered tracks to an earlier version.

Download 1010 Audio Spec Sheet

Cue Sheets ADR, Foley Notes

If you are sending notes please send at the same time as the picture or guide. Please send as a separate text document (preferably) with in and out times or footage of the specific sound/s to cover.

Foley notes should include specific directors notes, special surfaces and what we DO NOT have to cover.

ADR, Walla, V/O and any actor notes or paperwork should be delivered prior to session.


1010 will deliver all audio in ProTools sessions via ftp. Please give us your ftp address or make other arrangements with someone at 1010 for any deliverables.

For Source Connect, FaceTime or Skype connections please contact 1010 to set up a test connection.