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at 1010 Audio

The 1010 foley stage is a fully integrated, acoustically designed stage featuring "room within a room construction".

We offer multi-mic recording techniques to capture an accurate representation of sound from different perspectives in the room. We can provide separate mic tracks or mixed tracks to accommodate your needs and budget. We record our tracks to be suitable for domestic or foreign applications. By mixing and matching our assortment of microphones with our different preamps we are able to match production or customize our sound based on the project, sound design and budget.

Our growing selection
of microphones includes:
  • Crown 30D PZM
  • Neumann: kmr 81i
  • Neumann km184
  • Neumann tlm 103
  • Neumann tlm 102
  • Sanken cos 11d lav


at 1010 Audio

Our control room is acoustically designed and can double as a monitoring and mix room. It is visually and electronically integrated with the foley stage and vocal booth, facilitating communication between our engineers and performers.


at 1010 Audio

1010 maintains an extensive props inventory, currently consisting of thousands of props (literally including the kitchen sink). Our collection of furniture, shoes, floor surfaces, glassware, fabric and other items fills several rooms, and is always growing to meet the needs of our projects.


at 1010 Audio

Our foley room is suitable for recording ADR and walla. We also have a dedicated vocal booth and a live open room suitable for vocals and music recording.